Welcome to the creative world and artistic ministry of sculptor Dean Kermit Allison. This is where bronze and mixed media sculpture comes alive in your mind to stir feelings, thoughts & dreams into food for the soul!

The creations of artist Dean Kermit Allison have been widely collected because of his ability to fold layers of symbolism & meaning into each sculpture, almost demanding participation from the viewer. It is his belief that art isn't intended to be merely decorative or passive, but must inspire or provoke. It must have a timeless and enduring quality that offers something new for each and every viewer. From monument scale bronze icons to tabletop inspirational works of sculpture, you'll find it here.

If you haven't experienced the works of Dean Kermit Allison before, start by taking a look at some of our collectors' favorites, including Born Again, The Entrepreneur and Our Family Tree. Please spend some time in the Gallery and allow the works of Dean Kermit Allison to speak to you.

And when you want to say something that mere words can't communicate, or you need an extraordinary gift, turn to the Gallery & Gift Shop at ART AFTER LIFE for inspiration.


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