Our Family Tree, a monument sculpture in bronze by sculptor Dean Kermit Allison

Monument bronze sculpture enhances any setting... home, business or church. Why not place something in your surroundings that causes people to contemplate... an image that will inspire or motivate them!

We can enlarge an existing Allison sculpture or prepare custom-tailored sculptural concepts to bring to fruition any ideas you might have, or that you think might exemplify your statement. We can assist you in conceptualizing and creating that monument-scale piece that will forever inspire, recognize and symbolize the uniqueness of your organization.

Sometimes a symbol can communicate more than simple words.

The Entrepreneur, a monument sculpture in bronze by sculptor Dean Kermit Allison



Cast in fine art silicone bronze designed and engineered for your special location.


Proposals are available upon request, and can be prepared in time to meet your planning needs. Let us show you some innovative fundraising methods that can help add an Allison original to your landscaping plans.






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