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The piece of sculpture that speaks to entrepreneurs everywhere!

"The Entrepreneur"

Available in Museum-scale & Desktop-scale

Museum scale:   Edition of 35
Bronze On Stone & Walnut

Desktop scale:   Edition of 250
Bronze on Stone




The Entrepreneur

As if brought to life by sheer will, the Entrepreneur must free himself from the common stone that entraps him. Blindfolded, he must trust his instincts, almost sensing his way through. Although wounded from missed strokes of the hammer and chisel, permanent reminders of his own mistakes, his progress has been masterful. But will his aggressive pace be his own undoing? His next stroke could be decisive. Will he free his leg to take that next giant step forward, or will this risky thrust be the one that cuts him off at the knees? His future rests solely in his own hands. But he would have it no other way.

© Dean Kermit Allison 2001


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